Farmer Programs

Enertech has developed a farmer program that has helped pipeline operators better target farmers operating near pipelines.
  • Common Land Unit Boundary Extracted
  • Associated CLU Owner or Operator Identified

Landowner Identification

Identifying landowners help provide more comprehensive stakeholder coverage across the pipeline system.
  • Parcel Extracted
  • Associated Parcel Owner Information Appended

Emergency Responders

Enertech has developed a program to identify emergency officials’ physical locations and distances to operators’ pipelines to help prioritize outreach.
  • Identification
  • Spatial Correction
  • Drivetime Analysis
  • PSAP Identification


Enertech has developed a variety of school programs that help pipeline operators prioritize and enhance school outreach.
  • Identification
  • Spatial Correction
  • Distance Calculation Analysis
  • Outreach Content Development
  • School Meetings

Digital Media

Enertech harnesses the future of stakeholder outreach with its ability to implement successful digital media campaigns.
  • Email campaigns
  • Geofencing/Hyper Local Geofencing
  • Impressions
  • Audience Demographic
  • Click-through Rate CTR
  • Time on webpage
  • Develop banner ads & video ads specific to stakeholder
  • Develop operator landing pages specific to the stakeholder