Enertech's Liaison program is a tiered process that includes:

  • GIS Analysis Identification
  • Emergency Management Agency Outreach
  • Priority Emergency Responder Identification
  • Communication
  • Documentation

GIS Analysis Identification

GIS Analysis is utilized to identify all Emergency Responders and Emergency Management Agencies within the asset counties.

Emergency Management Agency Outreach

The Emergency Management Agency in each asset county is contacted to review and determine the responders that have priority response requirements in case of an incident.

Priority Emergency Responder Identification

Enertech will identify and develop a list of priority emergency responders within the asset county, capturing contact information and capabilities.


Multiple outreach vehicles are deployed delivering the pipeline operator's abilities in responding to a pipeline emergency and to learn the responsibility and resources of each priority emergency responder that may respond to a pipeline emergency.

Program Documentation

Enertech provides documentation through an online system to display outreach to and responses from the priority emergency responders. This allows for proof that the liaison occurred.