Damage Prevention Programs

Targeted and Functional

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Digital Media

Enertech harnesses the future of stakeholder outreach with its ability to implement successful digital media campaigns.
  • Geofencing campaigns
  • Geotargeting campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Impressions
  • Audience demographic
  • Click-through Rate CTR
  • Time on webpage
  • Develop banner ads & video ads specific to stakeholder
  • Develop operator landing pages specific to the stakeholder

Dig Ticket Analysis

Enertech has developed an interactive report to visually analyze dig tickets.
  • Identify excavators outside of the corridor
  • Work type
  • Work location
  • Targeted communications

Cross Bore Program

Enertech deploys measurable cross bore programs to excavators to stem the growth of these types of incidents.

Miscellaneous Outreach Programs

Other programs Enertech has developed and deployed:
  • Crossing & Encroachment
  • Line Locating & Temporary Marking
  • Operator One-Call Tickets
  • ROW Patrol & Response