Public Awareness

Enertech provides turnkey public awareness services from local distribution companies to multi-national transmission pipeline operators.
  • Plan review
  • GIS analysis
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Graphic design & translation services
  • Printing & mailing services
  • Documentation system
  • Audit support

Xchange Documentation System

Xchange creates a superior visualization of your stakeholder audience data. This allows a better understanding and decision-making process in the identification, geographical outreach, and spatial accuracy of stakeholder audiences.
  • Visualize stakeholders’ geographic location in Google Maps API
  • Search and export stakeholder data
  • Create and export maps
  • Document storage file structure

Ensights Documentation System

Ensights creates an analytical viewpoint. Automated graphs and charts are generated for the selected program, surveys, and returns. The filter process allows for a more granular analysis to make quantifiable decisions. Quick and easy access to download documentation will make your next program evaluation seamless.
  • Analytical visualization of data
  • Export data, graphs, charts, and documentation
  • Annual program comparison
  • Filters process for program granularity

Effectiveness Measurement Program

Enertech has the expertise to compile survey information into actionable recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Phone survey
  • Business Reply Cards
  • Field survey
  • Online survey
  • QR codes survey
  • Annual program assessment with recommendations

Compliance Services

Enertech offers a full suite of compliance services to support all facets of a compliant public awareness program.
  • Plan development
  • Annual plan review
  • Annual program review
  • Four-year effectiveness review

Supplemental Programs

Enertech offers a variety of supplemental programs designed to enhance and create continuous improvements to your public awareness programs.

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