Supplemental Programs

The following are products and services designed to help operators with supplemental stakeholder outreach.

Landowner Identification and Outreach

  • Property Ownership
  • New Construction outreach

School Identification and Outreach

  • Enertech has developed programs to identify Schools, correct the spatial accuracy of their physical location to help assist with prioritization of outreach based upon their proximity to the pipeline.
    • Identification
    • Spatial Correction
    • Distance Calculation Analysis
    • Outreach content development
    • School meetings

Public Official Identification and Outreach

  • Municipal and County
  • State Reps and Senators
  • Congress and Senate Districts

Effectiveness Measurement Programs

  • Phone Surveys
  • Email Surveys
  • Web Surveys

Ad hoc programs

  • Email Appends and Deployments
  • Phone Appends
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing Services
  • Mailing Services
  • Web Development