Integrity Management

Enertech has developed a program to help with the identified site, class location and HCA determination process. The following are services that are provided as a part of this process:

Identification and Spatial correction of addresses

  • The identification and spatial correction of the physical locations of identified sites.

Building footprint digitization

  • The digitization of building footprints of identified sites.

Boundary digitization

  • Boundary digitization of school and hospital campuses, industrial parks, etc.

Field Validation

  • Validation of identified sites using GPS related products in the field.

Waterway Identification

Enertech has built a program for High Risk waterways that may impact property owners along the waterway.  These property owners may or may not have been identified in the baseline Public Awareness program. Therefore, identifying the property owners affected by a spill model is essential in pre-planning and emergency response.


  • High Risk waterways are identified and data lists are compiled
  • Address, names and phone numbers are appended to data


  • High risk areas are identified ahead of an emergency, which allows the operator to utilize this information in Integrity Management, Public Awareness, Communications and Emergency response plans.
  • Identifying the property owners and having stakeholder contact information allows you to address the spill quickly and may save time in coordinating efforts between Public Officials and Emergency Response agencies.
  • Saving time means mitigating risk and this program could be integrated into your Pipeline Safety Management System.
  • Prior identification leads to a higher rate of communication, better pre-planning practices and potentially more resources during a high risk emergency situation.