Schools Program

Today’s Homework Assignment is Security


Remember when you were in school?  You had a lot to think about – but one thing you probably gave little to no thought about was the location of any buried pipelines in the vicinity of your place of learning.  While your school no doubt had a plan of action for a quick evacuation, should it have been necessary, (and we hope it wasn’t) did the pipeline operators work hand in glove with the school administration and local first responders to ensure security?


Operators can do just that today with Enertech’s School Outreach Program, Enertech can build a priority outreach list based upon the pipeline being on the school campus or near the school campus. Then help you build effective outreach programs targeting administrators, faculty and staff



Does your public awareness program treat these schools the same?


School WITH pipeline on Campus

School without pipeline on Campus


School security is on everyone’s mind these days and having some peace of mind about something that’s not even visible is priceless.   Make sure you’re doing your part as an operator to keep schools secure from buried pipelines.  Check out the Enertech School Outreach Program and help make a difference.


Because when it comes to keeping our students secure, you can’t be too cautious.