The Mock Line Strike demonstrations involves a pipeline rupture scenario including the consequences of unsafe digging.

  • Education of pipeline safety information catered to the environment and learning styles Excavators and Emergency Responders work in
  • Not just a presentation, a profound experience
  • Program brings training to life with the combination of a Mock Line Strike and Emergency Response in one event
  • Effectiveness measurement reporting
  • Compliant messaging and documentation to CFR 192, CFR 195 and API RP 1162
  • Safe excavation practices by utilizing the local 811.
  • The consequences that can result from unsafe excavation
  • The safe and proper procedures for Emergency Officials to respond to a pipeline rupture
  • The most efficient ways for Pipeline Operators and Emergency Responders to work together to minimize the consequences of a Hazardous Material release
  • Increased attendance
  • Increased audience interaction by having a live event
  • Increased message retention through post event evaluation
  • Integrated demonstration with all stakeholders
  • Operators have more one-on-one time pre and post demonstration
  • Proper baseline and supplemental documentation