Integrity Management

Enertech has developed a suite of services and data to help with identified site, class location and HCA determination process.

Identified Sites
  • Helps determine High Consequence Areas (HCA’s).
  • The identification and spatial correction of the physical locations of identified sites.
Building Footprints Digitization
  • Spatial identification and digitization of buildings near pipelines.
Building Footprints Audit
  • Audit of existing structures and structure classifications.
Apartment Complex Units and Number of Stories
  • Provide the number of units per each apartment building in a complex.
  • Provide the number of stories per each apartment building in a complex.
  • Identify locations where a pipeline leak or failure could affect a High Consequence Area (HCA).
Field Validation
  • Validation of identified sites using GPS related products in the field.
  • Areas of concern can be validated by placing “boots on the ground” to review the areas in person.