Instant Access

The EnerActive Web Portal provides stakeholder access to operator information

Enertech has developed a web based application that can allow stakeholders to have instant access to pipeline operator’s information such as; Emergency Response Plan, pipeline segment locations, local contacts within their area, and more.

Benefits of using EnerActive include:

Stakeholder Interaction

  • Provide affected stakeholders access to:
  • Pipeline Location
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Local Damage Prevention Contact Information
  • Product Characteristics
  • Emergency Response Plan


Google Maps Imagery

  • Pipeline attributes
  • Emergency contact information
  • Product characteristics

User Access

  • Search by address
  • Print and save/download PDF


  • Direct communication with users Provide accessible documents
    • Brochures
    • Operator Profile
    • Emergency Response Plan

Documentation and Tracking

  • Approve or denying users who request access to the website
  • Admin will have the ability to add, delete, or edit
  • Ability to upload files to the site for end user viewing
  • Will be able to download the database of user information
  • Ability to track users activity