Managing Integrity Management

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The New Year is upon us! Goodbye, 2018, Hello, 2019! What will you do differently this year?

Shedding those extra holiday pounds or quitting smoking are both admirable goals, and all of us at Enertech applaud you if you’re making that resolution – but how about giving a boost to your existing Integrity Management programs?

At Enertech we can help to step up your Integrity Management initiatives by:

Identifying sites near pipelines such as these:

(a) An outside area or open structure that is occupied by twenty (20) or more persons on at least 50 days in any twelve (12)-month period. (The days need not be consecutive.) Examples include but are not limited to, beaches, playgrounds, recreational facilities, camping grounds, outdoor theaters, stadiums, recreational areas near a body of water, or areas outside a rural building such as a religious facility; or

(b) A building that is occupied by twenty (20) or more persons on at least five (5) days a week for ten (10) weeks in any twelve (12)-month period. (The days and weeks need not be consecutive.) Examples include, but are not limited to, religious facilities, office buildings, community centers, general stores, 4-H facilities, or roller skating rinks; or

(c) A facility occupied by persons who are confined, are of impaired mobility, or would be difficult to evacuate. Examples include but are not limited to hospitals, prisons, schools, day-care facilities, retirement facilities or assisted-living facilities.

Not only can we provide your company with a list of identified sites such as those above, but also the addresses along with spatial, attribute, and distance data along your pipeline.

Enertech can also help you do the following along your routes:

  • Identify employee size of businesses.
  • Specify the type of business categorized by SIC Code
  • Identify number of building stories
  • Build a communications program to reach out to public and emergency officials to obtain a list of identified sites.
  • Aggregate the data into a usable data set to help with HCA determination and on-going management.

In addition, we can execute the following GIS data sets for you:


Parcel Identification

  • The identification and attribution of parcels along the pipeline.

Boundary Digitization

  • Boundary digitization of entities that meet the identified site definition if parcel boundaries are not present.

Identification and Spatial Correction of Addresses

  • The identification and spatial correction of the physical locations meeting the identified site definition.

Building Footprint Digitization

  • The digitization of building footprints.

Field Validation

Make the leap into the new year by contacting Enertech to see how we can assist you to better fulfill your Integrity Management requirements.

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