Emergency Responders

The following are products and services designed to help operators with Emergency Responder stakeholder outreach.

Emergency Responder Identification and Outreach

  • Enertech has developed programs to identify and spatially correct the accuracy of their physical location and to assist with your programs outreach. The key elements are:
    • Identification
    • Spatial Correction of physical location
    • Drivetime analysis

Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Outreach and Gap Analysis

This program was created to enhance communications to priority emergency responders along the pipeline right-of-way.  Building relationships with responders is a growing concern within the industry.  By identifying the gaps in the data, Enertech has developed a program that identifies the closest emergency responder to a segment of the pipeline lacking responder coverage.


  • Prioritizing the responders (0-30+) minute Drivetime from the pipeline
  • Identifying the priority agencies closest to the pipeline where emergency responder gaps exist
  • Verification of phone and email for each Emergency Management Agency
  • The EMA will identify the agencies that would respond to a segment of pipeline within their county
  • The database will consist of:  Agency Name, Address, Phone, Email and the response time (0-30+ minutes) to the pipeline segment


  • A list of priority agencies
  • Pre-planning tool for emergency response plans
  • A tool to build relationships with the right people
  • Eliminating gaps in data and showing process improvement
  • Accurate data set that can be utilized in GIS and Emergency Response Preparedness

PSAP (Public Safety Access Points)–911 call centers

What happens when you have an incident and you need certain equipment right away?  Who do you contact?  How many minutes do you have to respond?  What if finding the right 911 agency in seconds provided needed emergency personnel, services and capabilities within a click of a button.  Having access to the 911 call centers being affected by an incident can save time, money and resources.

Enertech has developed the most comprehensive PSAP program in the industry.  It has been tried and used by industry leaders with proven success.  Enertech’s web based program can be integrated into your control room or in your emergency response SOP for optimum incident response.


  • Capture Web application
    • A web app designed to document emergency response liaison activities.
  • Respond Web application
    • A web application designed to confirm contact information, collect capabilities, and administer surveys.