Xchange Documentation System

The Xchange Documentation System, built on the Google Map API, with 15 years of public awareness, GIS and pipeline industry knowledge.

Xchange creates a superior visualization of your stakeholder audience data. This allows a better understanding and decision making process in the identification, geographical outreach and spatial accuracy of stakeholder audiences.

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  • Provides the ability to see stakeholder data and centerlines
  • Accurate decisions can be made based upon visual review of stakeholder locations

Google Maps Platform

  • Imagery
  • Functionality
  • Dynamic Mapping


  • 24/7 company wide access
  • Stakeholder Data
  • Audit Documentation
  • Maps

Program Flexibility

  • Multiple operator departments and programs are supported

No Software

  • Web Based no software necessary


Mobile Access

  • Access all Stakeholder Audience Records, Audit Documentation and Maps via mobile devices

Export Function

  • Export ALL Stakeholder Audience Records to CSV file, Audit Documentation Reports and Maps

Import Function

  • Import Databases, Centerlines and Documents

Save Function

  • Save a Map View, Map Annotation, Map Drawing, Map Measurement and Queries can be saved

Share Function

  • Share Map Views, Annotations, Drawings, Measurements and Queries via email share function

Map Function

  • Develop customized dynamic maps

Print Function

  • Print Maps showing stakeholder audience records with centerlines
  • Print custom built maps
  • Print Audit Documentation
  • Print Audience Records