Capture is a web based app designed to document liaison activity.  Its usage allows you to document your face to face activities along with phone conversations and other liaison activity.  Capture can be used on your desktop, android or IOS devices, making it easy to capture those important communications.


Audit Documentation

  • Documents face to face and phone conversations in a manageable database that can be utilized internally or integrated into any Public Awareness/Damage Prevention/Emergency Response audit documentation.
  • The ability to upload important documents from Public Awareness Safety information to incident videos and photos.


  • 24/7 company wide access
  • Public Awareness or other Stakeholder Data

Program Flexibility

  • Allows access to multiple stakeholders
  • Allows for documents, photos, or videos to be uploaded and appended to contact or company/agency
  • Multiple departments and users are supported

No Software

  • Web Based no software necessary


Mobile Access

  • Access all Stakeholder Audience Records and Communications

 Export Function

  • Export ALL Stakeholder Audience Records to CSV file that can be imported into your GIS department or documentation software

Import Function

  • Import Databases

Save Function

  • Save contact, address, email, photos, videos and all important communications

Just in Time

  • Capture allows the administrator to monitor new stakeholder outreach quickly and efficiently by exporting reports at any time


  • This app has the capability to be customized