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October 17, 2017

Texas 811 puts on a Simulated Gas Pipeline Rupture at the Spur Arena

Nicole Winchell

A mock gas line strike was organized on Saturday morning, October 14th, 2017, at the Spur Arena in San Angelo, Texas, with Texas 811 and Enertech.

Attendees were able to witness first-hand what happens when a buried gas pipeline is ruptured by careless digging and how first responders react in a unified command to handle the situation.


Follow the link below to see a featured video of the Mock Line Strike demonstration!


October 12, 2017

Denham Springs, LA. hosts a Safety Day event on 10/12/17

Nicole Winchell

Livingston Parish residents, excavating crews and emergency officials will have a chance to witness seeing and hearing what happens when a buried gas pipeline is ruptured by careless digging.

The Denham Springs Safety Day is set for Thursday, Oct. 12, at Abundant Life Church, 206 Edgewood Drive, Denham Springs.  A Pipeline Response course, catered to first responders will begin at 11:30 am, with a Mock Line Strike demonstration to follow that evening at 5:00 pm.  The Mock Line Strike is put on as an educational event for both excavating crews and emergency officials but is also – open and free to the public – as well.

The event is conducted in partnership with local Louisiana Pipeline Operators and Enertech, a Wichita Kan., company that specializes in public awareness and damage prevention programs for natural gas distribution, gas transmission, gas gathering and hazardous liquid pipeline companies.

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October 4, 2017

Mock Line Strike in Gardendale, AL. teaches safe digging practices for everyone to follow

Nicole Winchell

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Alabama 811 along with Enertech put on a simulated gas pipeline rupture at the Gardendale Civic Center on Tuesday Oct. 3rd, for emergency officials and utility employees alike, demonstrating the right and wrong way to handle a line strike during a potential excavating mishap while witnessing emergency responders work together in a unified command to handle the situation.


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October 2, 2017

Enertech in Longview, TX. for Mock Line Strike Event!

Nicole Winchell

East Texas contractors and excavators gathered in Longview Thursday to attend a safety event put on by the East Texas Disaster Prevention Council and Texas 811. The day’s message was to call 811 before you dig to learn more about what you might hit while digging.

As part of the demonstration, a backhoe operator pretended to rupture a gas line. Compressed air mixed with lime filled the air in one of the fields at the Longview Exhibit Building, while Pipeline Operators and Emergency Officials show proper response procedures and work in a unified command to handle the situation properly.

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Enertech holds gas line rupture demonstration in Lafayette, LA.

Nicole Winchell

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A public event was held at the Blackham Coliseum to give demonstrations related to digging and excavation projects.

The event’s goal is stressing the public to dial 811 before breaking ground. Gas line ruptures from digging happen often and are dangerous situations.

Two demonstrations were given with the first showing the excavation team taking the right steps while the second demonstration showed the consequences of not locating underground facilities.

“You should always dial 811 before you do any digging, even if it’s planting a tree in your yard,” says Cole Vanderlick, who’s with Enertech.

Locating underground pipelines before digging can save both life and property.


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Enertech holds gas line rupture demonstration to raise awareness on safe digging

August 23, 2017

2018 Texas811 Liaison Program…time to place your sponsorship!

Mark Allen

Who We Are:
Texas811, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and Enertech would like to invite you to participate in 2018 PipelineResponse and Mock Line Strike Liaison Programs.

What are we doing:
Prior to the outdoor mock line strike demonstration, the PipelineResponse training program will be delivered to local Emergency Officials and Public Officials. PipelineResponse has been developed out of the necessity to create an improved level of outreach to Emergency Officials and Public Officials and discuss pre-planning steps to strengthen response capabilities in the event of a pipeline incident.

The PipelineResponse and Mock Line Strike events offer Emergency Officials, Public Officials and Excavator/Contractors an opportunity to participate in classroom and live scenario based training.

The PipelineResponse training program will be delivered to local Emergency Officials and Public Officials. PipelineResponse has been developed out of the necessity to create an improved level of outreach to Emergency Officials and Public Officials and discuss pre-planning steps to strengthen response capabilities in the event of a pipeline incident.

The Mock Line Strike live demonstration involves scenario based training:

Scenario 1 covers the proper use of the 811-notification system, safe excavation and line locate practices and correct pre-excavation interaction with pipeline operators.

Scenario 2 demonstrates a pipeline rupture scenario including the consequences of unsafe digging. Industry professionals will be deploying the demonstration. Observers will have the opportunity to hear, witness the rupture and feel the rush of arriving emergency responders. Following the mock line strike, the participants & audience will debrief by engaging in discussion on the lessons learned.

• Most heavily attended liaison events in Texas
• Integrated program between Texas811, TEEX and Enertech
• Not just a classroom presentation, a realistic training experience
• Dramatic demonstration on what could happen if a line strike would occur and what Emergency Responders will do if a line strike did occur
• Operators have more one-on-one time pre-and post-demonstration
• Proper baseline and supplemental documentation
• Exhibit booth for PipelineResponse and Mock Line Strike events

• Liaison Program documentation:
o Presentation
o Message Map of required messaging
o Database of attendees with signatures
o County analytics reports
o Effectiveness measurement reporting
o Non-attendee reporting


Madison Mason | MadisonM@enertech.com | 501-590-7827

August 14, 2017

Tennessee Promotes National 811 Day

Nicole Winchell

Education on proper and safe digging practices is what Enertech is all about!   We love to see opportunities seized to promote the One Call system and showing the general public the importance of safe digging!

Tennessee 811’s Public Awareness Manager, Craig Ingram was interviewed in recognition of National 811 Day on Good Morning Chattanooga Fox Edition, on August 11th, 2017.  This was a fantastic segment, featuring photos from a Mock Line Stike – Safety Day Event, as well as examples of pipeline damage that can occur if we do not call 811 before we dig.

Click below to view the full segment on Good Morning Chattanooga

August 2, 2017

This week kicks off Mock Line Strike events in Louisiana, starting with Ruston

Nicole Winchell

Ruston’s first Mock Line Strike event has made its way to the local headlines.  This Event kicked off on Tuesday 8/1/2017 without a hitch at the North Louisiana Expo Center in Ruston. Excavators had the opportunity to learn local one-call system requirements and processes, responsibilities during a line locate, understanding of pipeline markers, and the process of reporting pipeline damage.  Emergency Responders got to witness response actions taken in the event of a mock pipeline rupture and witnessed local fire, police and pipeline operators work in a unified command to address the situation.

Excavators and Emergency Responders still have an opportunity to RSVP for an upcoming event for the 2017 year.  For more information and to register, please visit www.digginglouisiana.com.


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July 27, 2017

In The News! Mock Line Strike in Melbourne

Nicole Winchell

Enertech and Iowa One Call’s Mock Line Strike Event held on July 26th in Melbourne Iowa was a success!  Check out the links below for the latest news stories on our event!


ABC Local 5:


KCCI DeMoines

July 21, 2017

Gas Line Rupture Drill Highlights Statewide Need to Call 811; Attorney General Focuses on Penalties

Mark Allen

 The Iowa Pipeline Association (IPA), Iowa One Call, Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA), and Enertech will present the video and photo friendly Melbourne Mock Line Strike drill on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, at the Iowa LICA Farm, 1741  290th Street, Melbourne, IA 50162.

This free event brings first responders, utility, oil & gas, municipal, and county personnel together to take part in dynamic hands-on scenario safety training, while LICA will be hosting events through the day, including equipment demos with the main focus on completion of the on-site pond.

The pipeline rupture drill program begins at 1:30 with the introduction of Iowa One Call by the IPA, and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller discussing penalties for striking buried pipelines.

Immediately afterward, attendees have the rare opportunity to experience a mock gas pipeline rupture showing what happens when a gas delivery line is struck by mechanized digging equipment, and what steps need to be taken in the immediate aftermath.

Northern Natural Gas, Iowa One Call, USIC, and local fire and EMS will work together in a unified command to control the incident.

Here is a video link to a similar event recently presented in Weston, West Virginia.


“Striking any kind of underground line is not something anyone wants to take lightly,” says Patrick Carney, project coordinator with Enertech.  “Should it happen to be gas, for instance, you literally have only seconds to make decisions that could save your life.  As partners in safety, pipeline companies value the unique skills and expertise of the emergency responders. Working through this scenario, we all gain hands-on experience and learn from each other in the process.”

Interviews are available with representatives from Iowa One Call, Iowa Pipeline Association, LICA, Northern Natural Gas, Enertech and area first responders.

About Iowa One Call   Iowa One Call provides contractors, homeowners, and others who may be excavating, digging, or trenching with a single toll free number to call for locating and marking underground facilities.   Just call 811 to be connected and begin the free service.   www.iowaonecall.com

About LICA  Iowa LICA contractors work with soil and water. From land clearing, drainage, wetland restoration, pond building, sewer and water installation, septic systems, terraces, waterways, erosion control structures, basements, demolition, sewage disposal, seeding, tree planting, removal of underground stroage tanks to any other type of work with soil and water.  Before you hire a contractor to do your work, check to see if they are a member of the Iowa Land Improvement Contractor’s Association. Assure yourself of a job well done.  www.ialica.com

About Iowa Pipeline Association    The Iowa Pipeline Association (IPA) was formed to promote and disseminate pipeline safety communications that emphasizes public safety, pipeline integrity and environmental stewardship.  www.iowapipelinesafety.com

About Northern Natural Gas  Northern Natural Gas Company (Northern) is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy based in Omaha, Nebraska and has been in business since 1930. Northern owns and operates the largest interstate natural gas pipeline system in the United States. Northern’s pipeline system stretches across 11 states, from the Permian Basin in Texas to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, providing access to five of the major natural gas supply regions in North America.  www.northernnaturalgas.com

About USIC  Performing over 70 million locates annually, USIC is the most trusted name in underground utility damage prevention. USIC also provides a full suite of utility services throughout the United States and Canada. Our mission: to deliver quality, efficient, safe, and innovative solutions to protect our partner’s infrastructure and critical assets.  www.usicllc.com

About Enertech  Enertech specializes in API RP 1162, CFR 192 and CFR 195 public awareness, damage prevention and integrity management programs for natural gas distribution, gas transmission, gas gathering and hazardous liquid pipeline companies.  Innovation. Service. Experience. These are the driving forces behind the services, programs and products Enertech provides.  http://enertech.com/

About PipelineResponse/Mock Line Strike  This is a collaboration between Enertech and Texas811.  It covers a complete excavation lifecycle from making the one-call, line locating, proper excavation tactics, line strike and emergency operator response to the line strike.  The forum is set on an excavation site and representatives from each stakeholder group speak on each topic during the excavation lifecyclewww.diggingtexas811.com