Mock Line Strike



The Mock Line Strike demonstration involves a pipeline rupture scenario including the consequences of unsafe digging. Industry professionals will be deploying the demonstration. Following the mock line strike, the participants and audience will debrief by engaging in discussion on the lessons learned.


  • Outreach to excavator and emergency response community
  • Communication of safety information in the environment excavators work in
  • Education catered to stakeholder learning style
  • Interaction with each stakeholder participating in the demonstration
  • Program brings training to life with the combination of a Mock Line Strike and Emergency Response in one event
  • Effectiveness measurement reporting
  • Baseline RP 1162 Messaging and Documentation


  • Not just a presentation, a profound experience
  • Dramatic demonstration on what could happen if a line strike would occur
  • Dramatic demonstration on what Emergency Officials will do if a line strike did occur
  • Operators have more one-on-one time pre and post demonstration
  • Proper baseline and supplemental documentation