February 3, 2017

February Product of Month!


Xchange creates a superior visualization of your stakeholder audience data. This allows a better understanding and decision making process in the identification, geographical outreach and spatial accuracy of stakeholder audiences.

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Visualization in the Google Map Platform


  • Being able to visualize stakeholder data along centerlines gives you the ability to improve your program’s accuracy by understanding the quality of spatial data used in your public awareness program.

Search and Export Stakeholder Audience Data


  • Provides the ability to access all records identified and mailed in a public awareness, damage prevention or integrity management program.

Enhanced Google Maps Functionality


  • Provides the ability to create maps to assist in audits, incidents, program development and interdepartmental projects.

Document Storage by Program


  • This document storage system provides you a repository by program of all program related documents.


  • 24/7 company wide access
  • Mobile accessible
    • Android and IPhone
    • Surface or IPad
    • Laptops and Desktops

Program Flexibility

  • Multiple departments and programs are supported

No Software

  • Web Based no software necessary