Damage Prevention

The following are products and services designed to help operators with Excavator stakeholder outreach.

Excavator Identification and Outreach

  • Violator outreach
  • Dig ticket outreach

Autodialer Outreach

The Autodialer campaign can deliver a customized public awareness message to targeted stakeholders.  Enertech handles everything from gathering phone numbers, recording the message, sending and tracking the effectiveness through its Autodialer platform.  A demo of the Autodialer Campaign is available.

Pre-Maintenance and Inspection

  • Notify stakeholders of maintenance activities

Pre-Public Awareness

  • Notify stakeholders of public awareness information.

Post-Public Awareness

  • Notifying stakeholders of where to obtain more information.

Post-Emergency Response

  • Providing stakeholders with Post-Emergency Response information.

Customized Notification Activities

  • What does your organization need?


  • Capture Web application
    • A web app designed to document emergency response liaison activities.
  • Respond Web application
    • A web application designed to confirm contact information, collect capabilities, and administer surveys.
  • Xchange¬†Documentation System
    • Xchange creates a superior visualization of excavator data. This allows:
      • Better understanding of data
      • Prioritization of outreach
      • The identification of digging activities